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The research says it all: practicing gratitude leads to improved mood, reduced stress, and less anxiety. So why not take such a simple step to reap those amazing benefits?!

When you recognize and reflect on the good in your life through gratitude journaling, you’re encouraging your brain to be grounded in the present moment and shift into a positive mood.

If you’re looking for a little more guidance to practice gratitude regularly, this gratitude journal has everything you need to be more mindful and develop life-changing positive habits. 

Break down your gratitude practice each morning and evening, as well as weekly and monthly. You also get to dive into thought-provoking gratitude journal prompts to keep you focused and on track! And lastly, you can set gratitude goals for yourself and monitor your progress toward living a more grateful life.


  • Cover page
  • Morning gratitude
  • Evening Reflection
  • Weekly Gratitude
  • Monthly Reflection
  • Gratitudes In Every Area
  • Gratitude Prompts
  • Gratitude Journaling
  • My Gratitude Journey
  • Gratitude Goals
  • Notes, lined
  • Notes, blank

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There is a 0.6" lefthand margin on each page to allow space for hole punching after printing.

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Customer Reviews


1 year ago

so happy with this

I've always struggled with negative thoughts and wanted to be more intentional with seeking out the good. this journal is helping me feel more grateful and appreciate the small stuff


1 year ago


Super simple and just what I need to start my day feeling good


1 year ago

great quality

love how big the font is and plenty of space to write! I also like how goal-oriented this is. I never thought about gratitude in terms of my goals for what I want to be more grateful about. this gave me a new perspective for sure


1 year ago

feeling happier already!

this is a lovely and well thought out gratitude journal. very straight forward and helps with my bad days!