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The Busy Woman's Self Care Journal

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You’re busy. Your schedule is jam-packed. You’re probablyyy running on empty, or close to it. You need self care made simple. This is where the Busy Woman’s Self Care Journal comes in!

Made by a busy woman, for busy women, the ultimate goal of this journal is simple: to help you prioritize self care in *every* area of your life. Then, you can make an effective self care plan that works for you–no matter how crazy life gets!

The Busy Woman’s Self Care Journal is carefully curated with a variety of activities, exercises, and prompts that cater to all of your unique self care needs.

From identifying what those needs are in the first place, to breaking down specific self care goals, to simple daily journaling with uniquely thought-provoking prompts, this journal covers it all. It's like having a personal coach and life planner wrapped up into one!

AND…BONUS…unlike most journals, this one won’t let you forget about everything you just did. With a self care wrap-up at the end of the journal, you get to assess what worked and what didn’t over a 4-week period. This lets you walk away with a real self care game plan to make sure those good habits actually stick.

So why wait? Invest in your well-being and *finally* make self-care a priority, one page at a time!


  • The Truth About Self Care: What Makes It So Important?
  • Find Your Self Care Needs
  • Tips to Create a Self Care Routine That Works
  • Physical Self Care
  • Mental Self Care
  • Emotional Self Care
  • Spiritual Self Care
  • Self Care Practices & Ideas
  • Self Care Ideas Jar
  • Self Care Boundaries
  • Positive Self Care Affirmations
  • Self Care Goals
  • 4 WEEKS of Quick & Easy Daily Self Care Planning + Journaling
  • Weekly Check-Ins to Track Your Progress
  • End of Journal Check-In: Making a Game Plan to Maintain Your Habits

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Format / How to Download:

This digital workbook is in PDF form, to be printed in Letter Size 8.5"x11" format.

There is a 0.6" lefthand margin on each page to allow space for hole punching after printing.

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I, Alexa Davis, founder of Ambitiously Alexa, am not a licensed psychologist, counselor, physician, or therapist, nor am I claiming to heal, treat, cure, or prevent any psychological/emotional/medical conditions. This workbook is not meant to substitute or serve as therapy, professional medical advice, treatment or any diagnostic measure or tool. This is only meant to be used as a helpful guide. (The most I have is a B.A. in Psychology, so I'm not able to do anything fancy here!)


Enjoy and Take Care!

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Customer Reviews


3 months ago

Finally I have a self care routine!

This journal finally helped me pick up a daily self care routine. I always look forward to my daily journaling and reflection on self care


4 months ago


This was a lovely self care journal and the first journal I felt motivated to actually complete in a long time.


7 months ago

Sooo perfect

in love with this journal! It's helping me get back on track with my self care, yay :)


7 months ago

so organized

This is so well organized and it's helping me finally stick to a self care routine. always wanted to, but could never keep the routine going. i see a big difference while using this - thanks!


9 months ago

Has everything!

I think it’s so cool how this combines both planning AND journaling for self care. It really is everything I wanted. Helping me get myself in check with better habits